Behind data centres: powering your everyday life

Technological changes have enabled personal development in both the workplace and at home, better decision making and a growth in knowledge. However, do you know how these technologies have been enabled? Andrew Blair White talked to Niall Franklin, the Marketing & Communications Manager at Hanley Energy about how this technology makes it to our homes everyday.

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Technology is at the forefront of many modern developments, with data centres being a main provider of how we consume new technology daily. However, do you know how these technologies have been enabled? What is powering your television at home, what is powering Google to search? The answer is data centres – whose energy is provided from many different companies.

Niall Franklin said, “Our business over the last decade, serving big data centre clients across the globe, has gone from strength-to-strength due to digitalisation and demands placed upon cloud-computing.” 

The increased demand for more and more internet, streams and power have made the technology industry skyrocket in recent years all over the world. “We develop technology and provide the necessary product, software and service which underpin our clients core business practices,” said Franklin. 

With every business, they are extremely keen to keep customer satisfaction at the top of their list of priorities. As a result, they offer a very wide range of services for every business that uses their services. 

Therefore, the work that takes place at companies such as  Hanley Energy is absolutely crucial for businesses, and for our overall satisfaction of using technology. This has allowed them to grow their business, they provide the energy for data centres to allow quick and reliable technology to take place. “What sort of impacts does it have on our everyday lives, where would we see this technology taking place?” I asked. 

Franklin said, “Every day, provide the essential functions they need to trade and keep their business power on without any fuss. The businesses we work with could be streaming live sport, or operating everyday technology such as smartphones, smartwatches, websites and more – it is crucial that they can operate without disruption.”

Hanley Energy has expanded into a global company over the last number of years. “For companies such as Hanley Energy, how crucial is it to have a big base of workplaces and where can they be found?” I asked.

“Our Headquarters is in Ireland, where we have three state of the art manufacturing sites, spanning 60,000 square feet where we try to innovate and create all the time. We have a dedicated, future-spaced facility named our ‘Global Competence Centre’ (GCC) near Dublin,” said Franklin.

These centres allow for all the behind the scenes work to be carried out to try and create new products everyday. I asked, “How many new products and services are tested in the GCC and how important is it?” 

Franklin replied, “In the GCC, we can test some of our new products and services before we release them into the market for businesses to use. Due to this, we can add more value to the market. We also have business operations similar to this across the United States, Sweden, Germany, Australia and South Africa.”

As the technology industry has continued to grow, so has Hanley Energy. I asked where the association with Cricket Ireland stemmed from. Hanley Energy CEO, Clive Gilmore said, “Hanley Energy share Cricket Ireland’s passion for the development of the sport and are excited by the progress of the Irish team. Ireland’s recent achievements and displays of world-class potential reflect our own ambitions and accomplishments – most recently the opening of Ireland’s only Data Centre research and development hub.”

The requirement for technology worldwide is only furthering the enhancements of companies such as Hanley Energy. I asked Niall Franklin, “What is their company’s core message?” Franklin said: “To increase customer profitability through innovation.” 

The data centres that they power play such a massive part in everyone’s day to day lives, which is something to bear in mind next time you use your phone or your laptop.

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