Wonderlights in Malahide Castle- What you need to know

By Ciara Tyrrell

Throughout these dark and gloomy times, it’s always nice to spend time admiring the lighter side of life and the Wonderlights sure did illuminate our time at Malahide Castle.

Wonderlights is a night walking experience taking place on the grounds of Malahide castle with a magical series of lights and colour exhibits. 

The Wonderlights started on the 18th of November 2021 and will be continuing until the 2nd of January 2022.

Unless you are driving or getting a taxi up to the car park by the castle, it is pretty hard to get up to as all the other entrances to the castle were closed off due to the event.

The Wonderlights walk lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes with different lighting displays along the way.

The event is more suited to families but wrapping up warm is a must as it is a completely outdoor event.

For the childrens’ tickets aged 2-12, the pricing per ticket is €16.50 and that’s without the €1.75 booking fee. Tickets for adults are priced at €19.50 per ticket but infants under 2 years of age are able to attend for free. 

The event is Covid friendly as only a certain amount of people are allowed to book tickets for certain time slots which helps the flow of people in and out of the event. 

The Wonderlights is suitable for the elderly and those with disabilities or special needs and according to the website of the event “our trails are wheelchair and pram friendly. However, care should be taken whilst navigating the route” which I would agree with as along the trail there is a few sneaky stairs that might inconvenience wheelchair or pram users along the way. 

The organiser of the event has said on the website that the “paths are deemed to be suitable for MOST wheelchairs” and if an individual needs help to see if the trails are suited to their needs to get in touch with them directly.

Megan, who I interviewed at the event, had this to say along the trail: “It was a lovely idea and great for kids but for adults it’s not as immersive” and “ it’s not what you’re looking for for 20 odd euro a ticket”.

Another woman, Laura, said: “Its a nice experience and great for the kids, but, it’s hard to keep the kids near as they keep being amazed by the lights”.

Dogs are not welcome at the event. However, guide dogs are welcome.

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  1. We went with 8 people last night to Wonderlights. It cost €165 for 8 of us and I really truly feel ripped off. I was embarrassed that I had recommended it to my family! It only took 20-30 minutes to walk through and there were actually very very few exhibits. It does not stand up to Wild Lights at the Zoo at all, which is a FAR superior event and certainly worth the ticket price. I would have been happy to pay €5 a ticket for Wonderlights but at over €20 pp it was the most overpriced event I have possibly every attended. Very disappointing.

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