Photo by It’s A Trap Coffee Shop

By Christopher O’Flaherty

‘It’s a Trap’ coffee shop on Denmark Street, Rotunda, has decided to close its doors and relocate to a new destination due to repeated attacks on both the staff and the building. 

It’s a trap coffee shop that has announced on their Instagram that they will be shutting down the business and relocating to new premises. The very popular local coffee shop has been attacked three times in the past two months. 

In their most recent attack, dated the 14th of November, the staff was physically attacked as well as threatened. They have admitted to the fact that the staff’s physical, mental health and overall well-being are at risk.

The loved store is sad to announce their departure from Rotunda and has apologised to the locals for their departure. An exact date of closure has not been announced however they have said at the start of 2022.

It’s a traps coffee shop’s full statement is below:

“In the last 2 months our shop and staff have been attacked 3 times and robbed once.

The situation doesn’t seems to be getting any better, and for that reason we have decided to announce that we will be closing our shop in 2022. Is not going to be an immediate closure.

In the coming months, we will be looking for a new location to keep running our shop.

We are deeply sorry with all our local customers. You made possible we stayed in business throughout the pandemic, and we really appreciate all the support, but our mental and physical health is at risk.

Today it’s been a really traumatic experience for us, as we were physically attacked, abused and threatened. At this point we really feel hopeless about it.”

The owner of the café has said on Joe Duffy that he and his wife were attacked and just do not feel safe anymore.

Local in the areas are very upset about the recent attacks and have expressed their sympathies on social media.

One local said: I’m so sorry this is happening to you guys! You are such a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood!”

Another local expressing sympathy:
“I’m so sorry this is happening to you guys! You are such a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood!”

It’s a Trap was a favourite to the locals for its amazing food, coffee and friendly service.

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