The Handmade Soap Company among winners at Irish Made Awards 2021

By Samantha Dempsey

The Irish Made Awards 2021 took place recently and amongst the many deserving winners was The Handmade Soap Company.

(Photo courtesy of The Handmade Soap Company)

The Handmade Soap Company believes that kindness isn’t just something that’s nice to think or talk about, it’s a necessary ingredient in everything they do and has been from day one of the brand’s existence. From the foraging and selection of their 100% natural ingredients that are kind to our skin, to the sourcing of their raw materials, to the way they are then combined, to all of their packaging, to the team’s work ethos, even to how they access the power necessary to run their manufacturing facility, all of the Irish brand’s processes have been carefully considered with one thing in mind: kindness.

Offering another human being a helping hand is one of the most caring acts of kindness there is. At The Handmade Soap Company they offer that hand to all of their customers every day, because their products are literally made by their own hands. The Handmade Soap Company know exactly what goes into each one because they put it there themselves. Each ingredient chosen to deliver the best possible results. That means all customers can rest assured that no matter which product they choose, they will be getting a quality, original creation, specially designed to deliver a unique blend of efficacy and kindness, doing exactly what it should do, in the kindest possible way.

(Photo courtesy of The Handmade Soap Company)

Speaking about how far the luxury Irish brand has come and his continued commitment to kindness, Founder Donagh Quigley said:

“I started The Handmade Soap Company with one pot in my kitchen in Co. Meath in 2008. We now offer 72 natural, handmade products spanning across hands, skincare, haircare and wellbeing ranges. However we are still a work in progress. Every day, we strive to take another step closer to our goal: evolving our company into the world’s kindest body-care and home-fragrance brand. That means being kind to our environment, to each other, and most importantly, to the skin of every person we touch.

“As of January 1st 2020 all of our products are both Cosmos and Ecocert accredited. The highest recognition for natural ingredients and sustainability in Europe. This was an 18 month journey for us. We chose to go with Cosmos and Ecocert as we believe that they are the most trustworthy credentials for natural beauty within the beauty industry. We have moved our full range of products to this standard, so this is not an exercise in greenwashing a small part of our range, which a lot of other brands do in order to sell an overall impression, it is a genuine commitment to be leaders in the natural sphere.

“Our mission is to become the kindest body care brand in the world, this means to our people, our planet and our customers. We want every single touchpoint with The Handmade Soap Company to be a positive one”.

(Photo courtesy of The Handmade Soap Company)

“Our new range launch ANAM. The pioneering new product range completely reinvents how we consume products from home – introducing lifelong glass bottles refilled by the world’s first 100% compostable pouch developed right here in Co. Meath”.

· Finest 100% natural ingredients to date

· Lifelong ornate glass product bottles to keep forever

· World’s First compostable refill pouch slots through your letterbox

· Completely reinventing how you enjoy skincare products from home – the never-ending cycle of repurchasing plastic containers for our soaps and lotions is no more

“I’ve always been such a lover of nature and never feel more at home than when I do when I’m out foraging for natural ingredients or when I’m then trying out new creations I develop of mother nature’s pantry, so ensuring The Handmade Soap Company was going to be as green and sustainable as possible, was always non-negotiable when we started the brand. It does take work, commitment and foresight (often more expensive upfront but worth it in the long run). The fact that we’re now Irish leaders in this space and inspiring other Irish brands to do the same, is a huge added bonus.”

The team at The Handmade Soap Company were over the moon to win ‘Best Irish Beauty Brand’ and ‘Best Overall Irish Brand’ at the recent Irish Made Awards. “We were also extremely humbled, we were in the presence of greatness at that awards ceremony with absolutely everyone else who was nominated. The support, cheers and congratulations we got from everybody in the room was incredible. I don’t know if that would have happened anywhere, to the same level, as Ireland”, says Donagh.

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