Student or Worker?

By Rafaella Spanou

Phd thesis hardbound cover macro

Ask the average Dublin worker at any day about their problems and they will revolve around the Housing Crisis, the crazy expensive cost of living in the city and the discussion will probably end up in a pub. That’s ok, if we don’t have some fun during these hard times, how are we supposed to get through sane?

And yet, there is one group of people in Ireland who haven’t even decided whether they are students or workers to begin with. Or rather, they have decided and now they are fighting to be recognised by the Government. That is why they have formed the Postgraduate Worker Organisation (PWO). Joining me at the studio, two postgraduate researchers here in Dublin: Claudia Peroni and Mariana Silva talk about the challenges that come with choosing to do a PhD in Ireland and why they are worth so much more…

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