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A catch up with Enda McGrattan, AKA Aunty Ben

Better known to the patrons of the George as Lady Veda Beaux Reves, Enda McGrattan is now also the star of Ireland’s very first LGBT play for children, Aunty Ben. The City caught up with McGrattan to discuss the play and Ireland’s changing attitudes to gender politics. Tell us a little bit more about Aunty

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Halloween arrives early in The New Theatre

Last week celebrated the opening of Pygmankenstein’s latest show ‘Olympia’ in The New Theatre. The show focuses on Nathaniel, a bright medical student who is heavily burdened from tales told to him as a child of a monstrous creature who comes at nightfall to steal the eyes of children who would not sleep. The jittery Nathaniel

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Dancing at Lughnasa at the Gaiety: the perfect tribute to a literary legend

‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ made its highly anticipated debut at The Gaiety Theatre on Tuesday, October 6th. The play celebrated its 25th anniversary this year so it was an obvious choice for the Dublin Theatre Festival. The play’s debut coincided however, with the sad passing of its author Brian Friel, so inevitably this run of performances has been especially

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