Halloween arrives early in The New Theatre

Last week celebrated the opening of Pygmankenstein’s latest show ‘Olympia’ in The New Theatre.

The show focuses on Nathaniel, a bright medical student who is heavily burdened from tales told to him as a child of a monstrous creature who comes at nightfall to steal the eyes of children who would not sleep.

The jittery Nathaniel lives with a peculiar ocular obsession, and visits every optometrist within radius of his home. He is best friends with his roommate and fellow student Lothaire, and fiancé to Lothaire’s sister Clara.

Apprenticed by his idol Doctor Coppola, it is she who introduces him to her beautiful, blind daughter Olympia.

The performance, described as ‘gothic-horror’, lasts for 70 minutes and is sure to leave your spine tingling.

The cast includes Michael David McKernan, Shane Robinson, Aenne Barr, Erin Gilgen, and Claudia Kinahan, all of whom executed their roles with precision and emotion.

The production, based on 19th Century horror literature, runs from the 12th to the 24th of October. Ending just before Halloween, there is a special fancy dress after party for those attending on October 25th.

Tickets range from €12 to €15 and are available at tickets.ie