Christmas in a sentence

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By Liam Keegan

Christmas has fallen upon Dublin city: the lights are out on all the main streets, hanging over people in their fashionably unfashionable Christmas jumpers.

TheCity asks Dubliners to describe in one sentence, what Christmas is to them.


“Lying on the couch with so much food and alcohol in my body that I can feel my heart slowing down to the point where I think it’s going to stop.”

– Nathan, 22


“Spending time with my family and boyfriend, sitting by the fire and watching Christmas films.”

-Anne, 20


“Drinking whiskey in my sitting room with just the Christmas lights on, and listening to Frank Sinatra, bb king, Michael buble, all the lads, with some family-type people around as well.”

– Thomas, 30


“Food, and the smell of the Christmas tree.”

– Oisín, 21


Getting to see most of my family and having a laugh with my mum when we are trying to cook christmas dinner!”

– Rebecca, 19


“Time off work, being with family, and seeing people you haven’t seen in a while.”

– Cormac, 27


“Freedom from college work and being able to actually spend time with people I couldn’t have spent time with throughout the year, and having the excuse to relax just because it’s Christmas, and warmth…the fire.”

– Gráinne, 23


Do these thoughts reflect your Christmas experience? Leave a comment below and share your Christmas in a sentence.

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