Dublin prepares to light up for Christmas

Dublin City Council and Dublin Town are currently preparing for this year’s Christmas lights display in the city centre.

Every year the city of Dublin is beautifully lit with Christmas lights bringing joy to all that witness them.

The council have announced the lights will be turned on this year on 19th November. This event sees the streets of Dublin flooded with people wanting to be part of the magical annual ceremony.

In the coming weeks, Dublin City Council and Dublin Town will work together to illuminate the city for the festive season.

Thirty streets in Dublin will be decorated, with approximately one million light bulbs and fixtures being tested in the coming weeks.

Speaking about the work that goes into such an event, a spokesperson for the Dublin City Council estimates that a team of about twenty people work through the day and night for about 200 hours over four weeks to erect the lights around the city.

There will be approximately 47,350 light bulbs on Grafton Street alone. Ten thousand light bulbs will be on Liffey Street and 150,000 light bulbs are set to decorate the festive curtains on Wicklow Street, Johnson Court and Andrew Street.

The organisers of the event are keeping quiet about any further details on the event, insisting that it is going to be different to anything they have done before and that they will be changing the way the lights will be switched on.

Larger crowds than anticipated took to the streets of Dublin last year to see the Christmas lights be turned on.  This led to Dublin Town having to cut the ceremony short for health and safety reasons.

DublinTown’s Director of Marketing and Communication Clyde Carroll said: “Having fully analysed what happened last year, we are completely changing how the lights
will be switched on in the city to accommodate more people and make it a more comfortable experience for all, especially young children.

“We have spent the past few months working on the plan with all city stakeholders and our partners on Dublin At Christmas, Dublin City Council.

“We cannot announce full details just yet as the plan is in final planning approval but I am very excited to share it in a couple of weeks.

“All I can say now is, with our partners, we plan to light up the whole city, all streets in one day and that magical day will be Sunday 19th of November.”

By Nicole McNelis

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