Sinead O’Connor, Miley Cyrus spat continues

Sinead O’Connor and Miley Cyrus have continued in their cyber tit-for-tat argument.

The feud began with a seemingly good-willed letter, drafted by O’Connor, and posted on her personal website addressed to Miley Cyrus, in relation to the young American popstar’s recent sexaully-provacative antics. However the fourth, most recent letter, has moved onto the topic of mental health – more pertinently, Miley Cyrus’ derogatory attitude towards the issue.

Sinead O'Connor was less than thrilled to hear she was the inspiration of Miley Cyrus' new video. Image by: Pieter Morlion
Sinead O’Connor was less than thrilled to hear she was the inspiration of Miley Cyrus’ new video. Image by: Pieter Morlion

The first letter was drafted in response to comments Cyrus made to Rolling Stones magazine in relation to her new video, Wreaking Ball, being “like Sinead O’Connor’s video [for Nothing Compares to You] but, like, the most modern version.”

Cyrus responded in kind with a crass twitter response saying, “before Amanda Bynes there was Sinead O’Connor,” making light of both Bynes current, and O’Connor previous struggles with mental illness.

In the most recent letter O’Connor called for Cyrus to issue “an apology to all sufferers of mental health difficulties and all those who have had experience of suicidal feelings or who have been affected by suicide”.

She goes on to state that “a lot of these deaths [suicide] would not take place if it were not the case that stigmatisation and bullying and buffooning of those perceived mistakenly or otherwise to have mental health issues.”

The 20-year-old US singer is finding support hard to come by.

Sue Baker, Director of Time to Change, a mental health anti-stigma programme has also publicly commented on the Cyrus’ ignorant statement.

“It’s really disappointing to see Miley Cyrus mocking Sinead O’Connor’s mental health problems”, said Baker, “and this only serves to fuel stigma.

She continued, “one in four of us will experience a mental health problem and there are times when we need to speak out and seek help. We would encourage Miley to apologise to Sinead.”

Social counsellor Thereseanne McCormack understands the “sense of naivety” shown on Cyrus’ behalf.

“She has been sheltered from a young age, which has clearly warped her judgement,” said McCormack.

“I would be worried about Cyrus’ ability to lay blame upon everyone else, as it is a sign of her own worries and sub-conscious issues.”


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