Hungarian Students Strip in Protest of New Dress Code

A class of Hungarian undergraduate art students and their professor have stripped down to their underwear in protest against new university dress code rules.

The president of Kaposvar University, Ferenc Szavai, issued a letter to students featuring strict new uniform rules to be enforced on every student of the university.

Female students have been forbidden from “blatant use” of accessories, excessive make up, over powering perfume, and short skirts.

Instead, they are to opt for a blouse and jacket, with a long skirt or trousers.

Male students are encouraged to dress in a dark suit, and to avoid dressing in shorts or flip-flops.

Unkempt hair and fingernails are banned for both sexes.

The students first voiced their dismay on October 1st,  but students have been donning beach towels and flip-flops to class as recently as this week.

Two female students during their protest against harsh uniform rules
Two female students during their protest against harsh uniform rules. Image via YouTube

The students have documented their process in YouTube videos and posting images to social media.

Despite the students’ protests, many other universities from around the globe have long established, and strict, dress codes for their students.

These protests come at a time when Hungary is battling the authoritarian style rule of its current Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, a figure who has been likened to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Since his election, Orbán has dominated every aspect of public and private life.

Orbán has made several controversial decisions throughout his time in office; he has ended press freedom, outlawed homelessness, and abolished an independent fiscal council whose purpose was to scrutinise budgets.

Last month, protests against the Prime Minister power reached a new extreme when a group of individuals staged a hunger strike outside Orbán’s residence.

On another occasion, a riot culminated in the toppling of a statue depicting his likeness.

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