Bastille grace Olympia stage

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

There’s something endearing about a band that repeatedly thanks the audience for coming out to see them. It’s a refreshing display of humility and gratitude in an industry that is becoming increasingly dominated by money. But as Bastille took to the Olympia stage on Friday night, it was clear that the London quartet are still getting to grips with their newfound fame.

Opening with catchy hit Badblood, what is immediately evident is an affectionate casualness between the four lads that almost makes you feel as if you’re watching your friend’s band rehearse in his basement, rather than the global chart toppers who are actually on stage.

What’s not casual however, is their performance. Flashing strobe lights, snare drums and questionable, yet infectious dance moves are all a loud accompaniment for the band’s blend of indie-rock and electronic pop.

Not one to chitchat, lead singer Dan prefers to let his voice do the talking as he effortlessly rattles his way through popular hits Overjoyed and Things We Lost In The Fire.

At one point during the night, Dan decides that he wants a piece of the action and jumps into the crowd while launching into a rendition of Flaws much to the delight of his many admirers.

The setlist is an eclectic mix of new records such as Campus and Brave combined with old familiars like Laura PalmerThese Streets and Weight of Living Pt. II.

They even throw in a cover of City High’s What Would You Do? which instantly goes down a treat among their predominantly young spectators. It’s a generous delivery of 17 songs that is more than enough to satisfy the masses.

During the encore, Dan playfully asks the audience to join in on his dancing during club anthem Of The Night, and of course the crowd are only happy to oblige.

As they bid farewell with their most well-known hit Pompeii, every single concertgoer jumps to their feet, a sure sign of an enjoyable night.


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