The Dublin Web Summit

web-summit-imageThe Dublin Web Summit hits Dublin again with the party kicking off tonight. Tomorrow we get down to business with everyone from tech, design, and start ups to advertising and music, pouring into the RDS from around the world.

Now if you haven’t gotten a ticket, there’s a limited number left, but for the 10’000 attendees who have, we have a list of what’s going on and where.

The Web Summit has grown exponentially over time and is now more than just a Web Summit with intentions of rebranding themselves as just the Summit, taking on music, food, among numerous other endeavours. This is the place to network and see potential giants in the industry before they truly kick off.

First off, registration starts early, with the doors opening at 7am, and there will be a queue, these things are inevitable.

Along with some engaging speakers, the Web Summit plays host to the Night Summit and the Food Summit too. With the Night Summit taking place around Dublin showcasing some of the best acts on the Irish Music Scene including Le Galaxie, The Cast of Cheers, Tieranniesaur and many more.

The Food Summit takes place in Donnybrooks own Herbert Park showcasing over 60 Good Food Ireland approved businesses.

One focus of the Web Summit is social interaction and meeting people you’d never normally meet, as well as checking out what companies are up to now, and what we can expect from them in the future.

But let’s be honest, the main focus of the entire event this year is who’s talking what.


Unfortunately Tony Hawk has had to pull out last minute due to a family emergency, a real shame considering the greatest skateboarder that ever lived is also the curator of Tony Hawk foundation which has donated more than $4.4-million to 529 communities in all 50 States.

But alas there are many more to take the stage over the two days.

Drew Houston CEO& co founder of Dropbox

Dropbox is probably the most common replacement for the USB key ever. Dropbox was a game changer which completely revolutionized how we store our data on the web. If you’ve ever seen an interview with this man you’ll understand he’s incredibly smart, make sure to catch him the Web Summit this year.

Jordan Casey CEO of CaseyGames

Casey is only 13 years old, and is a self taught programmer who has created several games at his tender young age. He’s no stranger to taking to the stage either, he has showcased at numerous other events and the Web Summit is just another notch in his belt. Impressed? You should be.

Shane Smith of Vice

Shane Smith is the founder and CEO of Vice, the global media youth brand. A respected visionary and acclaimed journalist, Smith launched Vice in 1994 and since grown it into an international network of digital channels.

Kevin Rose of Google Ventures

Kevin Rose is a Partner at Google Ventures, where he primarily focuses on early-stage and seed investments. He previously founded Digg among numerous other endeavours. Don’t miss this man speak.

David Carr of the New York Times

David Carr has never invented, launched or run anything of consequence. As a reporter and columnist for the New York Times, he talks to many people who have done all of those things. He serves as a Boswell on the excellence of others. And he’s a genius who spends far too much time on Twitter.

And Finally…

Elon Musk

Only added last minute, what hasn’t this man done… Elon Musk, founder of Paypal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX, is to be the closing speaker at the Dublin Web Summit this week. If you don’t understand what any of these things are, you shouldn’t be at the Web Summit. This one will be a tough one to get into.

Paddy Cosgrave Web Summit founder and CEO said “Elon Musk is the greatest entrepreneur of his generation. He is disrupting numerous industries simultaneously in a way that few have ever even attempted.”

Dubbed “Davos for geeks”, the Web Summit is Europe’s largest festival of ideas and events – this year over 10,000 attendees will travel from 100 countries to attend.

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