5 european cities you have to see

Every continent has its array of beauty, culture and heritage.  Asia has its oriental mysteries, Africa with savannahs of land, the enchantment captures a visit to South America whilst north of the Mexican Gulf lay the sky scrapers of the USA.

And then there’s Europe, so many different cultures and histories.  A people so vast and different, it makes for a wonderful visit.  I’m going to look at five European cities that you have to see before you die.

5. Milan

Fashion capital of Europe and home to all things Italian, the Milanese love to socialise and you regularly see them enjoying the easier side of life.  Milan has so much to offer from Teatro alla scala to the San Siro to ill Dumo. Milan is definitely worth a visit.

Milan, the fashion capital of the world
Milan, the fashion capital of the world

4. Marseille  

One of the most picture esc cities in Europe, Marseille is on France’s south coast touching the Mediterranean Sea.  Marseille’s restaurants offer loads of traditional French cuisine and some excellent wines.

The beautiful port of Marseille
The beautiful port of Marseille

  Longchamp Place and the Old Port are just some of the great experiences you can have whilst in the French Riviera.

Amsterdam, really is a continential city

3. Amsterdam

The most continental city you’ll find, ‘The Dam’ has so many trams, and bike’s and boats.  The Dutch are such a friendly people, maybe due to their choice of how to relax, and will be most eager to assist you.  The beautiful canals, the lovely streets and of course the local beers are some of the things that make Amsterdam a must see before you die.  The Heineken experience and the Anne Frank house are just some of the trips you can embark on once in Holland.

Arc de Triomph, Barcelona
Arc de Triomph, Barcelona

2. Barcelona

The Capital of Catalonia, the home of great night clubs and also the longest pedestrian street in the world.  ‘Las Ramblas’ is 12km long and stretches from plaza de Catalina to the Iberian Peninsula.  Barcelona has so many UNIESCO world heritage sites, and so much to see and do.  The Gaudi Cathedral, the Arch de Triumph and of course the Camp nou.   The local food, beer and lifestyle are so desirable.

Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie
Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie

1.       Berlin

The German capital has been through an awful lot, but for a tourist it’s a pleasure.  The second biggest city in Europe area wise, Berlin has four city centres.  The former Russian centre of ‘Alexanderplatz’, the British centre ‘tiergarten’, France’s ‘podstammerplatz’ and America’s ‘Bundesplatz’.  The history that accompanies berlin is amazing, Sauchausen concentration camp is a real eye opener and so too is the Topograph of terror museum.  The German beer is the nicest in the world and a look at checkpoint Charlie is a must do.  Berlin ‘the experience’ is what the City should be called, as it really is Europe’s bundci

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