The Drop Movie Review

The Drop is a thriller set in Brooklyn, which sees Tom Hardy play the role of Bob the barkeeper alongside his cousin Marv, played by James Gandolfini, who owns the bar. We learn from bitter conversations that the bar has now changed ownership to the Cechen gangsters of the neighbourhood, who took the bar over to act as a “drop bar.” This means that the bar is used as a location to drop and exchange dirty money out of sight of policemen.

Hardy proves himself to be an extremely versatile actor, starring alongside the late James Gandolfini, in Dennis Lehane’s first adaption of his very own short story. As we are brought into a spiralling world of crime and violence, we learn that Marv seems to fancy himself as a tough guy while Bob is more the unwilling partner. But as they say blood is thicker than water and Bob stays beside his cousin but isn’t as innocent as he seems. He attends the local church, but never takes communion, letting on that there is more to his story then just being a simple barkeep.

As the characters’ own stories begin to unfold, a robbery takes place at the bar. And Chovka, the leading gangster, is not happy. He wants his money back immediately, and indicates that the responsibility of this stolen cash is now on the two cousin’s heads.

Whilst all this sets up the main action plot, another sub plot unfolds.  Bob finds a beaten-up pit-bull puppy in a woman’s trash can. Bob and this woman, Nadia, played by Noomi Rapace, strike up a friendship. As he learns about the animal and begins to love it, the original owner shows up and demands his dog back, but Bob refuses. The stranger starts harassing Bob, pranking him and threatening him, leaving Bob in a fragile and watchful state.

As all these different plots begin to thicken and all the characters begin to tell their own stories, we learn that everything is not as it seems. Some things are connected in unexpected ways and Hardy, in probably one of his best roles to date, has no problem keeping the audience guessing. As Bob’s character begins to darken Hardy’s performance is captivating.

The Drop gives the audience a strong, gritty, dark atmosphere where a sense of dread is felt at all times. This is a film that where the plot twists and turns in unforeseen ways. As for James Gandolfini, plays Marv, the man who feels he had his big dreams ripped away, perfectly. As Gandolfini’s last acting role before his death it he showcases his pinnacle of talent when it comes to playing what he knows best as the misunderstood tough guy who will keep you on your toes. The combination of Hardy and Gandolfini together brings nothing but pure movie magic.


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