Inquisition helps Dragon Age back to its Origins

It’s reasonable to assume one of the most popular Internet searches of 2012 may have been ‘games similar to Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.’ Moving on became a must when predicting the next load screen was more entertaining than slaying an Elder Dragon with little but a Cheese Wheel; but where to move on to?

Of course, Dragon Age II emerges as one of the top results for similar games. Yet, the lackluster second installment in the series compares about as flawlessly as an Argonian to a Dunmer.

Whilst it is unintelligible to compare two games so crudely, the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition draws ever closer, and BioWare’s inspiration has allegedly been drawn from the revolutionary 2011 fantasy epic.

Speaking to, Ray Muzyka (BioWare co-founder), confirmed Bethesda’s influence over the upcoming game by revealing that designers were “checking out aggressively” games such as Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

One of the most woeful weaknesses of Dragon Age II was the inability to choose between multiple character races. Fans slammed BioWare’s new direction as they were cast into the body of the blandly human, Hawke.

Wisely so, DA: Inquisition harks back to its origins by enabling the player to select from four race sets. Intriguingly, Bioware has proclaimed that the Qunari will be added as a playable race. It should prove interesting to see how they have resolved the question as to why a Qunari would become an Inquisitor.

Among other things, DA: Inquisition marks the return of the tactical camera. This will be particularly cherished by heightening tactical capabilities during heated battles as the player is able to pause the action and micromanage their party members with the enemy’s information in mind.

Although developers appear weary of tagging the game with ‘open-world’, it presents expansive landscapes and a new level of immersion that was impossible with previous titles. Inquisition centers on freedom for the player – but not enough to get lost in, the tight storyline that is typical of BioWare should wrap everything together nicely.

Whilst the influence of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim cannot be denied, to accuse BioWare of rehashing the ideals achieved by Bethesda would be naïve. Rather, Inquisition has imbibed the knowledge of the fantasy role-playing criteria set by its rival and primed to surpass them.

Perhaps the New Year may embark a new quest for gamers to find a title similar to Inquisition – and we might just end up back in Helgen.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released November 21.
Video and Images courtesy of EA games. 

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