Espresso yourself: Coffee Stereotypes

Coffee is an institution, fuelled by busy lives, early morning and Starbucks.

For some it’s their ‘elixir of life’, the only thing that gets them through the day. For others it is the only socially acceptable way to drink pints of cream, and also acts as a gateway drug to all things baked, puffed and sprinkled in sugar.

Once you have become devoted to the black stuff, whatever your reasons, you will quickly notice yourself clocking up hours of waiting in queues for your daily fix. This is when you begin to notice the coffee stereotypes, because how you like it, is a reflection of you.

According to the DeLonghi National Coffee Report what coffee you drink can say a lot about the type of person you are. The report found latte drinkers are high-maintenance, while flat white consumers are plain and boring.

Following from this, an espresso is a reflection of the purist coffee drinker. An Americano is the bread and butter of any coffee enthusiast. Filter coffee is reserved for students; prepare for the sound of cascading coins on the counter.

Soy, chai and matcha are all adjectives reserved for hipsters as they sit endlessly in cafes discussing the ethical ramifications of the Xfactor. As for those that order decaf coffee (cough) enough said; you are unwelcome into our haven of excellence.

Trying to find a great cup of coffee is no easy task. In unfamiliar territory we often find ourselves strolling in to a café, salivating, wide eyed and eager hoping the establishment’s expertise will deliver us from a tired haze into a jittery state of euphoria.

After handing over a few euros we are forced to wait in suspense for the hand-crafted beverage to slide our way; hoping it will tantalise our taste buds on arrival. Often, sadly, we are handed a gut wrenching drink that you wouldn’t serve to your worst enemy.

Coffee chains, like their average aesthetic appeal, provide average coffee. There is no love brewed into your adored beverage, you are a number on a spreadsheet and thanks to your dedication to “the man”, your eighth one is free.

But the people of Dublin are catching on. Take for instance Clement Pekoe on South William Street. All those spotted working here are just too cool and hailing from a genetic disposition that makes them innately more beautiful than you or I, but they pride themselves on good coffee.

3FE, on Grand Canal Street, is another café providing exemplary coffee. Every week they run classes for people who want to learn how to make better coffees at home. Or alternatively they run tastings for groups who want to truly broaden their knowledge and become coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee is a way of life, and in no uncertain terms it is what dreams are made of. So whatever it is that satisfies those coffee loving taste buds, get drinking and enjoy.

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  1. Um…
    Nothing against the odd coffee, but personally I prefer tea. Not sure what that says about me.
    A sad Arthur Dent character doomed to eternally wander a coffee saturated universe with a copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide in his bag while he searches in vain for the long-lost cuppa. Probably.

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