New York battles storm Juno and Ireland is issued yellow weather warning

 Tree branches dusted in snow

Wednesday, 28th January By: Hannan Raisuni

The weather in New York this week has reached dangerous levels.

Streets have been closed, school has been cancelled and the city is at a total standstill. Last night storm Juno ripped through New England with ferocious winds and snow. The storm has majorly affected cities and towns, causing flooding in some parts. Other states including Plymouth, Massachusetts, Boston and New Hampshire have also been affected by winter storm Juno.

How will Ireland react to this upcoming weeks prediction of bad weather? Met Eireann has issued a yellow warning for snow and ice from Wednesday they have also issued a yellow wind warning. Will Ireland grind to a halt just like New York or will it cope and organise more efficiently than the harsh Winter conditions of 2010-2011.

Although there is no comparison between Ireland’s expected three inches of snow and the horrendous blizzard’s being seen throughout the US. As a country that is not accustomed to such weather it is hard to predict how the conditions will affect public transport, roadways and whether or not schools and colleges will stay open.

Temperatures are expected to drop to just 2 degree whilst winds are to reach gusts of between 90-110 km/h.

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