April will be Indie

By Defné Cetin

Just a bit of courage, April’s first light will show up soon, we’ll do what we want and finally be able to lighten up. What a bad introductory sentence to talk to you about four Indie bands that will release albums throughout April. But if you analyse the sentence closely and if you are someone for whom Indie music is THE thing, well, we know that YOU know which bands we are going to talk about . For the rest of you, read on to learn more. We will introduce you to an Irish Folk band, a British Pop band, a British Grunge/Post-Grunge band and a British/Scottish/Irish Psychedelic Art Pop band.

Villagers – Darling Arithmetic – 13th of April

It’s chilly here today in the newsroom, as I am writing it is -5°C. Here at The City, we know exactly which song will fit this cold weather. On the second of February, Villagers uploaded the first single from their next album, Darling Arithmetic. The song is entitled Courage, and it is the type of folk song that has immediate calming power. You can easily close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting by the fire, wrapped up in a cosy blanket, sipping a hot chocolate with melting marshmallows. Conor O’Brien has a very soft voice that surrounds you and makes you feel like you are in a bubble made out of cushions. Loads of soft cushions, yet the bubble manages to fly up in the air. This first single is a hint of what we might find on Villagers‘ upcoming album, released on the 13th of April 2015, two years after the warmly welcomed Awayland.

Citizens! – European Soul – Expected on the 10th of April

If you want to warm up and are not in the mood for a cup of hot chocolate, the other solution might be to move. To dance. Citizens! to the rescue! Citizens! is a British Pop band who released their debut album Here We Are, two years ago. They signed up on Kitsuné, certainly one of the hypest record labels, but did not fall in what we would call the hype-trap. Citizens! are not one of those made-up Pop bands that are only made to attract young ladies. They are part of those Pop bands that are trying to restore our faith in Pop music. In Lighten Up, the first single from their second album entitled European Soul, Citizens! are definitely Pop. The song starts slowly, but this is just made to catch you better and to take you by the hand through the entire song. There will be a lot of head nodding to the beat of the song, and your feet are going to move. The best part? You won’t even notice it. European Soul will be Pop and is to be expected on the 10th of April 2015.

Drenge – Undertow – 6th of April

The third solution to stay warm is to go to those kinds of dirty basements in which small bands are playing loud music. Drenge‘s Post-Grunge is loud music, yet not too aggressive. It’s music to which you can start pogo and pushing people around – without hurting them. It’s all about fun and sweating. The Loveless brothers – yes, they are only two in this band, and yet they make so much noise – have this ability to create songs that are acting as real boosters on your body. While listening to We Can Do What We Want, the first single of their next album entitled Undertow, your entire body is moving. If you were feeling sleepy, this song will wake you up, it’s as if you were drinking an energy drink that works instantly. Drenge‘s song is very effective and goes straight to the point. The album will be released on the 6th of April, and will certainly make us sweat.

Django Django – Single : First Light – Album To Be Expected During Spring 2015

Django Django have not yet officially announced when their second album will be released, but according to NME, the album is due this spring. They have released their first single from the album entitled First Light. We must admit that First Light is a title which fits perfectly to the fact that the album will be released in spring. Spring. When the sun is starting to show up a bit more and when nature is waking up again from the long winter break. The first lights are waking up the animals and the vegetation is starting to grow again. You know, basic spring things. Django Django‘s music is refreshing, and their second album is something that we should all look forward to. Django Django have got the keys to wake us up from this long and cold winter.

Just a bit of courage, April’s first light will show up soon, we’ll do what we want and finally be able to lighten up.”

Does is make more sense now?

Be ready for April, we feel that this month is going to be highly inspiring, musically speaking.

Defné Cetin

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