One of the world’s most famous Pop Rock bands is about to release a new album!

Since this morning, rumours escalated about the comeback of a mysterious yet very popular band. The rumour is that this band who released their last album during the previous Year of the Sheep – Chinese Year – in 2003, are back with another album twelve years later!

On the internet, people started to wonder who was the band. Music journalists as well as music lovers highly bet on the return of a famous British band: Blur. Their last album, Think Tank, was released in 2003. The photograph used on the album is featuring Chinese symbols and it was known that Blur’s members were using a studio in Hong Kong. It had to be Blur.

And they were actually right! This morning, Blur announced on social medias that they were soon to release their next album, The Magic Whip.

Finally, we can confirm that we will be releasing an album, ‘The Magic Whip’ on April 27th, our first as a four-piece in 16 years!”

Along with this surprising revelation, the band published the tracklist to be found on the album, and will headline at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park, on the 20th of June.

This sure is good news for Blur lovers.

By Defné Cetin




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