Chocolate: a welcome gift for this Valentines Day

Leonidas Chocolate Shop. Jervis Street,Dublin. Photo by Maria Degois
Leonidas Chocolate Shop. Jervis Street,Dublin. Photo by Maria Degois

By Maira DeGois

Valentine’s Day is an occasion where most couples express their feelings, giving flowers, chocolates and romantic cards to their partner. By and large, we automatically think that February 14th is a girly day due to the scene created: pink balloons hanging up in shop windows, flowers selling in every corner of the streets and countless romantic boxes of chocolates on shelves of coffee shops. The biggest challenge is to find something different for them, which can be a difficult task.

This year, some women seem not too impressed with receiving flowers or any kind of present for that matter because they consider that one day is not enough to show their feelings.

For Christina McCauley (42), Saturday will be a normal day. She says: “I do not really expect anything on one day of the year because we treat every day as special.”

Carolyn McCarrick (23) says: “For me, it is just another day, but if you are busy in life, it is a day that you can stop and appreciate each other.”

However, Matt (27) gives a different opinion about it. He points out: “It is marketing, I think so. Because people expect things to be like what they see on movies or on TV. If it was not for TV or movies, I might get something because it is Valentine’s Day. But I would not get chocolates and flowers every single year, it is boring.”

Although this day is not so sweet for some couples, it is promising for business and especially chocolates shops.

Rafal Budny (30) works as a manager in Leonidas chocolate shop. He says this time of the year is important for his business. “This year, I did not expect to be so busy in the early days of this week, only Thursday and Friday,” he says.

Because of this, most couples prefer giving chocolate to their partners. Rafal adds: “Most of them go for milk chocolate, but in general they want good chocolate wrapped in a fancy box.”

Whether it is chocolate or flowers or just a kiss this year, remember to do something nice for your other half on the 14th February and every other day of the year.

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