Video: Should Cannabis be legalised or decriminalised in Ireland?

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More and more countries have followed the lead of places like Amsterdam in decriminalising Cannabis in recent years. Is it time for Ireland to take another look at the issue? 

Everyone has an opinion on cannabis. Is it harmless fun or an addictive drug? Should it still be a criminal offence to possess it?

People are extremely divided on the effects of cannabis, some argue it is as damaging and addictive as any drug, indeed a lot of its effects on the brain are still being studied. Others argue that it is no more harmful to society than alcohol, and they also have a legitimate argument.

Some may feel a nation as conservative as Ireland would never follow this lead, however even 20 years ago who would have thought we would be on the cusp of a referendum to legalise same sex marriage?

Daniel, Donal and James of took to the streets to ask people where they stood on the issue. As you may expect the results were divided.

By Donal Lucey, James Cox and Daniel Pim. 

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