Top three for free

If like us, you’re penny pinching around this time of year in preparation for Christmas, then keep reading to find things to do in Dublin that won’t cost you a thing:

Temple Bar Gallery

Nestled in the heart of Temple Bar, this art gallery is home to some of Ireland’s most intriguing exhibitions. The current exhibition is called, ‘Huddle Tests’ by Rhona Byrne.

It will be on until the 7th of November and it’s a great way to experience some Irish culture and not spend money. The Dublin Art Book Fair will take place from the 19th to the 22nd of November. This too will be free of charge and again will allow you to indulge your taste for culture.

Trinity College

An obvious one (but often one that’s overlooked) are the grounds of Trinity College which are over 400 years old. To wander around the cobble stones and admire the architecture costs nothing, so hop to it.

Don’t feel that you have to pay for a trip back in time, the buildings in Trinity have many stories hidden in the brick-work. You might even stumble across a history student who could give you a quick tour.

Sandeman’s New Dublin Tours

This is one for those of you who enjoy a good walk. Sandeman are offering a free three hour walking tour of the city. It involves a visit to Dublin Castle, Christchurch and Trinity College, plus many more.

So put your runners on and discover parts of this beautiful city that you might not have seen before. There’s now no excuse to immerse yourself in Dublin’s history. Find more about the tours here.

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