‘One Human One Race’ launches nationwide tour

This week saw Show Racism the Red Card (SRTRC) launch its mobile anti-racism exhibition at the Atrium of Dublin Civic Offices.

With over 200 schools and youth services participating, the exhibition will run from the 22nd of October to the 16th of November in Dublin, before moving to other venues.

The aim of Show Racism the Red Card is to harness the high profiles of sports people to combat racism. The organisation works to produce anti-racism educational resources, and to educate young people through workshops, summer camps and coaching activities.

‘One Human One Race’ will feature work produced by children in schools and youth services throughout Ireland as part of their participation in the SRTRC Creative Competition.

The annual competition calls for young people to develop creative messages about racism and integration using written, visual and audiovisual means.

Garrett Mullan, Executive Director of Show Racism the Red Card, told The City: “The purpose of this exhibition is to recognise the work of schools, youth services and young people in their efforts to promote inclusion and oppose racism. The creative competition’s idea is that young people are able to come up with their own messages about racism. Some of the work on display is absolutely outstanding.

“One primary school child made a mosaic out of 30,000 beads. Apparently it took this child 60 hours to make, but its a really interesting piece to have at the exhibition.”

He continued: “The exhibition includes about 40 pictures and links to audio visual entries.We’ve had a huge amount of good quality work that is worthy to be shown in high profile locations. We figure it’s time to show it off and reassure others that young Irish people have a good attitude to both integration and the issue of racism.”

Further information about Show Racism the Red Card is available at: www.theredcard.ie.

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