Ireland’s bid for Dublin2020

The people of Dublin are anxiously waiting on November 13 to find out if they will be announced as the European Capital City of Culture for 2020.

Running for the past 30 years, the European Capital City of Culture is an annual competition between two host countries within the European Union – with the host cities for 2020 being in Ireland and Croatia.

The winning city within each country will be given the coveted title for a period of one calendar year, and the potential to generate large amounts of revenue in tourism and business.

Limerick, Galway, the South-East and Dublin are all competing for the title.

The initiative aims to promote and highlight the diversity of culture across the EU, as well as promoting healthy competition between its members.

The programme also offers an excellent opportunity to tackle issues within the chosen city, such as homelessness and other social issues.

Ireland is no stranger to the Capital City of Culture; with Dublin having won the prestigious title in 1991 and Cork following suit in 2005.

So what exactly is the bid?

The Dublin 2020 bid is about social change through involvement – so get involved! A team of hardworking journalists, event managers, videographers, photographers, singers, dancers, teachers and everyone in between, have spent months preparing to put the bid forward to the EU.

The bid is essentially a book filled with thousands of reasons why Dublin is unique, special, and most importantly why we as a county should be chosen.

Niamh O’Donoghue and Marie Cogan spoke to Dublin’s youngest 2020 campaigner, Jamie Harrington, about the importance of the competition.

Want to join #TeamDublin? Start spreading the message of the bid and simply inform others. If you think you have a great idea to help boost our chances of winning then get in touch and #TeamDublin will support you as much as they can.

By Marie Cogan and Niamh O’Donoghue

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