1916 Freedom Tour

The 1916 Freedom tour is one of the most recent tourist attractions to start up in Dublin.

The tour, which begins at Merrion Square West, drives through the streets of the city while Bernard Birmingham, the man behind the idea, narrates the story of Easter Week 1916.

Paying particular attention to the human aspect of the conflict rather than the political side, Bernard gives a detailed and unbiased account of one of the most important periods of Irish history.

“Everyone has a passion for something and mine was always history. I would have made a very boring boyfriend when I was younger,” Bernard said.

The hour long trip begins with a demonstration of the weaponry used during the rebellion and while Bernard tells his carefully researched rendition of the revolution, the driver Mick Shivnan weaves through the streets in a military style vehicle.

The tour takes its passengers around St Stephen’s Green, Dublin Castle, past Trinity College and on to O’Connell Street, before returning to Merrion Square.

After the tour Bernard explains that the most special part of the experience for him has come as an unexpected surprise.

“We obviously thought the tour would be an attraction to people all over the world, but we didn’t take into account the amount of Irish people that have a family connection to The Rising. I mention characters during the tour in passing and more often than not there’s someone on the bus whose family member it was. It really was just a happy accident.”

To find out more about the tour, make sure to watch our video below!

By Rosemary Haughey and Aisling Rafferty


  1. Myself my husband and our son did the freedom bus tour. It was brilliant. Bernard our navigator was great. He was very good at explaining everything. We would definitely recommend it.

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