Dublin Fire Brigade to fight fire with drones

Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) are set to use drones to fight fires by the end of the year.

The project, announced last August, has since seen six personnel at DFB trained to operate the flying devices.

Operation guidelines are currently being formulated surrounding the flying device. The drones will be used to calculate the best way to fight a fire, measure the extent of the fire and to locate missing people.

Drones can climb higher than traditional fire ladders and film expansive areas, allowing officers to gather crucial information in a short time frame.

Last April presented DFB with their first opportunity to test the drone as a severe blaze broke out at Ballymount Industrial Estate.

According to Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Dennis Keely, the project is still quite new. “It’s very early days. We don’t want people to be scared of this.”

He continued: “When you pull up you often have a lot of smoke, and it’s not always immediately clear where the concentration of the fire is.

“From an operational perspective, to have an overview, an ability to step back from the situation and a quick visual of an incident from an aerial shot can be quite advantageous.”

Drones have already been implemented by fire services in the UK where infrared and night-vision cameras are used to locate trapped people and penetrate smoke.

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Photo: William Murphy/ Wiki Commons

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