Amnesty Ireland to hold vigil in Dublin tomorrow to show support for Ibrahim Halawa

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Amnesty Ireland will be holding a vigil in the city centre tomorrow evening to highlight the case of Ibrahim Halawa, who is currently imprisoned in Egypt.

In total, Amnesty Ireland are expecting upwards of 100 people to take part in the short vigil, with activists congregating on Fleet Street before making their way to Grafton Street.

“We will assemble our activists into lines that run up the middle of Grafton Street at intervals, spelling out a message of solidarity,” said Kieran Clifford, campaigns and activism manager for Amnesty International Ireland.

“The aim of the street action is to raise awareness about Ibrahim’s case to ordinary people here in Ireland,” he said.

Amnesty Ireland hopes this demonstration will put pressure on the Egyptian authorities before his trial.

“Our hope is that by getting a lot of attention we will illustrate the support for Ibrahim to the Egyptian government and apply more pressure on them to release him,” said Mr Clifford.

Ibrahim Halawa, from Firhouse in Dublin, has spent the last two years in prison in Egypt. He was arrested in a mosque after a protest he was at turned violent and 97 people were killed.

Mr Halawa is currently facing 20 years in prison, if found guilty.

The vigil has been organised to coincide with the international day for Human Rights.

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