Singles from the Alley: Kolumbus – ‘Leave the light on’


Rating: 5/5

‘Leave the light on’ – the latest single by Wicklow-based singer songwriter Kolumbus – succeeds where many songs about heartbreak fail. From the opening guitar riff and gentle weaving lyrics the listener is pulled into the song. “I remember the night. You hit the switch. Turned out the light and said that was it.” A story of broken promises emerges as the acoustic-filled ballad builds up to a powerful chorus. Kolumbus’ breathtaking vocals bring the listener on a journey of his anguish. The bridge unveils his reluctant acceptance that lovers must move on yet still pleads for a chance to make it all right again. The simple production by the talented Gavin Glass captures the theme of the song perfectly. Expect to wipe the tears from your eyes before the final strum.

Check out our short interview and acoustic performance of ‘Leave the light on’ with Kolumbus from earlier in the year.

The single will be officially released on 29 April and is available to download for free from Keep up to date with all Kolumbus’ endeavours on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.


(Photo: Facebook)

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