Opinion: Scotty T admits paying for Irish girls abortion

By Chelsea Tyler McNeill


Geordie Shore stars are known for being extremely controversial and sexually provocative. It is also a known fact that the men of Geordie Shore like to stop off at every port for a one night stand while they do ‘press tours’ – so it was no surprise that Scotty T revealed he has slept with over 1,000 women.

That is utterly stomach turning, in my opinion. I wouldn’t even want to go on a date with someone with a record that high, let alone sleep with them – but not all Irish women would agree. One of the 1000 women he slept with was a northern Irish girl, who happened to get pregnant.

Self proclaimed ‘playboy’ Scotty T is certainly not the ideal man to settle down and have a child with, which was probably a factor in the Irish woman’s decision to abort the baby.

The reality star admits, in his book ‘Scotty T: A Shore thing’, that it was just a one night stand and when she fell pregnant, she told him because she felt he had a right to know. You have to give her credit for that, telling a ‘celeb’ who has slept with over 1,000 women that you are pregnant with his child, because it must have been intimidating and his reaction was exactly what we would expect.

“Forgive me for saying it, but the sudden relief I experienced when she said that she wasn’t planning on keeping the baby was overwhelming, because I knew for sure that I wasn’t ready to be a dad.” he told the Irish Sun.

Obviously this situation is a much bigger deal in Ireland with abortion being illegal and the Repeal the 8th Campaign getting louder. She clearly felt that it was her choice to abort the baby if that wasn’t what she wanted, but I suppose she should have thought about that before having unprotected sex.

Not to say that I don’t believe women should have a choice, they should, but I don’t believe that abortion should be used as contraception. I think putting a condom on should be the first option rather than having unprotected sex and ‘getting rid of the baby’.

Admittedly, we don’t know the full circumstance or anything about this girls life so it would be wrong to condemn her, but a man who has had that many one night stands should know to wrap it up.

The Geordie Shore star supported the Irish woman all the way, he flew her over to Newcastle for the abortion, funded the whole thing and went with her. It seems that in the UK the media is glorifying him for such a chivalrous act, but should a man paying for an abortion after he slept with a woman without protection be applauded?

“To be honest it was the only occasion this had happened. But I dealt with it properly and respectfully, as should anyone else in that situation. If there was a chance that she was carrying my baby I was never going to leave this poor girl struggling on her own, that’s not right.”, he claims.

Of course it’s not right – they both had sex and they both created a baby so excuse me if I don’t jump to give Scotty T a pat on the back. Would I have expected him to just say ‘good luck’ and walk away? Yes, but that just means that he is less of a sleaze than I expected, not the biggest gentleman alive.


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