Flanagan’s Field Community Garden

By Megan Gorman, Amy Connaughton and Saoirse Nisbett

Community gardens are all about sharing and giving back to the community. They can have very positive social, economic and environmental impacts in communities. People in the community can come together to grow their own food and either share or learn gardening experiences.

All community gardens are unique and different. Flanagan’s Fields community garden is an inner city community garden named after Dublin-born Michael Flanagan. The garden was established in 2010 and is still very much popular in the community. The garden combines 21st-century growing methods and cutting-edge technology to grow a range of nutritious food.

This time of year the garden is quiet but from early February through to summer is the gardens most thriving time. We spoke to Doug Hazel who is a founding member; he spoke about the gardens history, the process of getting involved and how the garden is managed.  

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