Hackers post graphic content to Dublin Bus app

Passengers using the Dublin Bus real time app were exposed to sexually graphic images on the app after a security breach. Nathan Davies reports on the incident.

Photo taken by Alex Noble

The Dublin Bus real time app was compromised by unknown hackers on Thursday, displaying pornographic images on sections of the app.

The hack took place in the early hours of Thursday morning and remained for several hours until being shut down by Dublin Bus officials.

The hack occurred on the app’s Newsletter section and covered the page with pornographic images and videos that were accompanied by Chinese text, however Dublin Bus cannot yet confirm that the hack originated in China.

The newsletter function on the app remains shut down as Dublin Bus continues its investigation. Dublin Bus have reassured passengers that the breach has had no impact on the personal data of passengers that have downloaded the app.

Speaking to TheCity.ie, Dublin Bus described the incident as “an isolated issue” that only occurred in one section of the app.

The Dublin Bus representative revealed that “an investigation has taken place and the cause has been identified and resolved.”

“Further work has taken place to mitigate against the risk of a reoccurrence.”

The off-peak time at which the hack took place meant that very few users were exposed to the graphic images. The app currently has over a million individual downloads on Android alone, with thousands of schoolchildren using the app to and from school.

Reports of the hack first broke on social media, with several Twitter users calling attention to the graphic content.

Some users were understandably surprised and disappointed by the hack.

Meanwhile, others found humour in the hack.

This is not the first time that a public transport service has been compromised in recent years, with the official Luas website being breached and held to ransom in 2019.

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