Dublin Bus and the ‘All-Nighter’

Dublin bus is one of the transport units who are set to increase prices

State-owned Dublin Bus are examining and considering the possibility of introducing a 24 hour service, just weeks after increasing fare prices.

Public transport users will benefit from services that will run throughout the night if the proposal to the Labour Relations Commission is approved.

Dublin Bus is in talks to oversee that a service to the people of the capital is provided throughout the day and night.

At present Dublin Bus runs until approximately 11.45 p.m. midweek, with the highly relied on NiteLink service catering for the needs of those residing in Dublin city and the suburbs by providing a transport service on Friday and Saturday that doesn’t finish until approximately 4 a.m.

Nitelink prices recently soared to €6.50 from €5.00 under revised plans by Dublin Bus.

The visual difference between the Nitelink service and the ordinary Dublin Bus service is that the Nitelink bus is marked with an ‘n’, for example 25n. The ‘n’ represents the during-the-night, two day service.

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