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Podcast: Black and Irish on ‘Embracing the dynamics of a modern, diverse Ireland’

Listen to Jessica Viola discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, representation in the media and the Black and Irish organisation with its political coordinator, Eric Ehigie
Black and Irish logo

Black and Irish is an organisation that looks to celebrate and share the stories of black and mixed raced people living in Ireland. In light of Black History month, I wanted to chat with Eric Ehigie, the political coordinator of Black and Irish, to hear about their organisation’s mission as well as his opinions on racism, representation and identity as an Irish black man in 2021. I recorded this audio piece so that Ehigie could share in his own words his experience and views on these important issues freely.

Eric Ehigie, the political coordinator of Black and Irish. Photo courtesy of Eric Ehigie

To find out more about this organisation, follow @black_andirsh on instagram or visit their website.

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