Do you think we are heading into another lockdown?

By Fantine Carron, Emily Goss Guildea, and Ciara Tyrrell

Taoiseach Micheal Martin announced new restrictions to be put in place on Tuesday the 7th of December, but we here at are wondering if people believe we are going into another lockdown anytime soon?

By Fantine Carron, Emily Goss Guildea, and Ciara Tyrrell

What are the new restrictions that have been announced you may ask? Well here’s a breakdown of these restrictions:

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  • Visits to private homes should be kept to a maximum of three other households. This hopes to recognise the need for flexibility depending on individual circumstances.
  • Bars and restaurants are required to uphold strict social distancing and this will include hotels. There will be table service only with 6 adults per table, there will be a maximum of 15 people when including children ages 12 and younger with one metre between tables. No multiple bookings will be permitted with midnight remaining to be the closing time for these premises.
  • For indoor entertainment, cultural, community and sporting events, there will be a maximum of 50% capacity at indoor events which must be fully seated. This does not include religious or educational events or normal workplace business activity. Facemasks should be wore at all times unless eating or drinking.
  • COVID pass has been extended for gyms and leisure centres’ and hotel bars and restaurants. There is appropriate exemption for those for whom a hotel setting is their permanent resident. 
  • Nightclubs will not be allowed to open.
  • No changes for weddings or outdoor gatherings.

As for ‘Economic and Income Supports’ the Minister for Finance is introducing a new scheme for hospitality sector businesses that are subject to the new restrictions. This will adjust the COVID Restrictions Support Scheme to support businesses whose trade is impacted severely through restrictions.

The Pandemic Unemployment Payment is also opened for a limited period for workers temporarily laid off due to the new public health regulations.

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