Going Green: Irish groups mark Earth Day with an inspiring talk and eco-friendly workshops

by Maysam El khatatbeh

Photo by Akil Mazumder/Pexels

Organisations in Ireland are marking Earth Day, celebrated globally on April 22 every year. The new Acropolis international organisation celebrated her day with a free talk on Saturday and a workshop on Sunday that aimed to raise awareness about the importance of nature and its preservation. The conference featured three topics symbols, myths and folklore.

With a particular focus on the trees and their importance to humanity throughout the ages

According to Ivona Tomlejenovic, a dedicated volunteer, the organisation is committed to arranging ecological activities that resonate with the concern and sentiments of people in today’s world. The aim is to seek ways of living that align harmoniously With the natural world. This motivation transcends borders and is a global endeavour. Tomlejenovic Further explained that focusing only on trees as a topic was driven by their ability to captivate and inspire individuals. Something is fascinating about the lives of the trees that deeply engage people.

The hidden wisdom of trees was another topic discussed during the free talk Maria Brennan, one of the participants, said that “the important thing for this Earth Day and each day after is to save our environment and the planet and to ensure increase our voice to save our planet.” The talk aimed to remind people to stay committed to preserving the environment and to take daily actions toward this goal.

The workshop on Sunday focused on making simple dye-cleaning materials with everyday kitchen ingredients. Alia Murphy, a member of the organisation, emphasised the importance of not harming the environment and the need to take action to save the planet. “We live now, and there are circumstances about the environment and nature. This is because there are misdoings from the people that harm the environment, so our rule is to ensure not to harm and devastate the earth more,” she said.

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are paramount, the workshop provides a practical way for individuals to contribute to the preservation of the planet actively. The focus on creating dye-cleaning materials using everyday kitchen ingredients served as a tangible example of how small actions can make a significant difference by promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about the consequences of harmful actions. The workshop sought to inspire participants to adopt environmentally conscious behaviour in their daily lives; the ultimate goal was to foster a deep sense of responsibility and empowerment among individual encouraging them to be stewards of the earth and actively contribute to its well-being, She added.

Tomlejenovic Explained that combining talks with workshops is essential because it encourages people to act.

Also, she added that we need policy policies and investments that prioritise Environmental Protection from renewable energy and sustainable agriculture to green transportation and waste reduction. We also need individuals and communities to engage in ongoing dialogue and action to create more sustainable, equitable societies.

“ It’s important that we can find ways to contribute daily with something small and open up on that was the motivation for this workshop. And the organisation also chose the topic of Irish trees because of their value and bringing people closer to nature,” she said.

Participants in the events express their concerns for the environment and the planet, reiterating that it is essential to take action to protect them.

These events and talk enhance our standing of the earth’s importance and the need to protect it. They remind us to stay engaged and committed to preserving our environment.

Earth Day reminds us that we all have a role in protecting our planet, from reducing our carbon footprint to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable forestry practices. We can take many steps to make a difference by working together to create a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.

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