Damnation Review

Damnation will make you question every choice you are about to make

As a huge adrenaline junkie, horror movies have always been a quick fix for me.  Nothing gets me more buzzed then that familiar feeling of listening to the blood pumping in your ears while your heart tries to burst out of your chest as you contemplate every outcome in flashes in your mind.  So when I heard that the RDS was hosting a live horror event called Damnation, I jumped at the opportunity to go.

Unfortunately, over many years of watching horror films my sensitivity has somewhat decreased.  Stepping in to  the show, my friend and I were  definitely cynical about the experience. However, to my delight I found that Damnation is a night that will exploit your worst fears, and even better, bring new ones to light that you never knew you had.

Damnation is based on the story of Samuel Page, a blacksmith who mysteriously disappeared around the 1800s.  Along with his wife and two daughters, Page was very well-known in the community.  However at night he apparently operated a Satanic Cult in his basement.  When his terrifying practises were found out, the community burned his house down to the ground with Page and his family inside.  Page was the only one whose body was never found.

Damnation plays out the horrors that were suspected to have happened in that satanic house, with many surprises that will play with your mind. The actors take you through a maze of horrors that not only play on your fears in a physical and visual manner, but also aim to disorientate you to make you more vulnerable.  You start off cautiously walking through the rooms, and by the end you will be running!

These terrifying faces will haunt you afterwards!

However, this attraction is not for everyone; those who have photosensitive epilepsy are advised to not enter  Damnation.  There are also “chicken out”doors for those who can’t handle the fear.  In some parts you do have to get on your hands and knees and crawl, so people who suffer claustrophobia  are allowed to skip this part and go through a door.  As my friend suffers from this we went through the door, but take heed and remember that this does not give you a free pass from getting scared half to death!  We contemplated that maybe the doorway was the worst part!

The prices are a little steep,  €19 for a general pass, but there are discount tickets too, and the event only lasts around half an hour.  But for those looking for something very different from the usual weekend bores this is the place for you!  Even though it seems like a quick scare for a big price it is definitely an unmissable experience.  Take it from me, the person who involuntarily recoiled in fear after opening the bathroom door.

For more information go to http://www.damnation.ie. Tickets can be purchased from http://www.ticketmaster.ie.

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