Wealdstone Raider visits Dublin

James Cox talks to three students who met the infamous Wealdstone Raider during his visit to the Lost Society




Wealdstone Raider visits Dublin                                                                                           Gordon Hill (The Wealdstone Raider) poses with fans at The Lost Society




Gordon Hill shot to fame in 2014 when a video of him heckling opposing fans at a football match involving his local team Wealdstone went viral. The video, originally taken in March 2013, involved Hill spouting taunts “You got no fans” and “You want sum? I’ll give it ya!” These catchphrases have made builder Hill into a cult hero amongst football fans and the video has earned him the title the “Wealdstone Raider.”

His new found fame led him to record a single called “You Got no fans” which reached number 5 in the UK Christmas charts and regular nightclub appearances across the UK. Hill has pledged all the proceeds from his single to Great Ormonde Street Children’s Hospital and the youth team of his beloved Wealdstone.

Last week Dublin nightclub, the Lost Society gave his Irish fans a chance to see him when they brought the Wealdstone Raider over the Irish Sea for infamous student night Black Monday. Three lucky students talked to the City about meeting him. Padraic Byrne explained how deciding to look for a change from their usual haunt of Copperface Jacks led to an unexpected meeting. “I’d usually head to Coppers but we had kind of gotten sick of going there so decided to try somewhere different, we weren’t aware he’d be there but it was a nice addition to our last Black Monday!”

Fabian Molloy revealed Hill arrived fashionably late, “It wasn’t until late in the night he appeared, drinking a pint and walking around with his personal bouncer!” Killian Breen was already a fan of the Wealdstone Raider and was delighted to get the chance to meet him. “We went there without knowing he was appearing although the club was in fact advertising his appearance in flyers and online apparently. When he appeared at first I didn’t really believe it, wandering through the smoking area with a bouncer I caught a glance of him and made eye contact, he stared at me with a knowing glint in his eye and uttered the words we all want to hear. You wan sum? It was a glorious experience, I was completely starstruck.”

So by all accounts the Wealdstone Raider’s appearance at the Lost Society was a great success. It certainly made the night for these three students and many more who came out to see him and who knows maybe we’ll see him back again before long.




Thursday, 29th January. By: James Cox

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