‘Everybody loves moussakas’ says Demitris

moussakaMoussakas: The typical Greek dish. Photo by Robert Kindermann

For the young Greek, new politics should be as simple as a traditional dish.

This Monday was an important day for many Greeks. Through the news, we could see that most of the population are looking forward to the possibility of a stable future for the country. As many people consider, politics and food are closely related. A French politician once said that the destiny of nations depended on the manner in which they feed themselves. So, is there any better place than a good restaurant to get a feel for Greek culture?

Corfu is a cozy restaurant situated on Parliament Street. With Greek music on in the background, bit by bit, we relax into the pleasant atmosphere. The narrow room consists of wooden tables and rustic style walls with exposed brick. Simple was the word used by the waiter Dimitris. For him, the new government should be worrying about giving hope to their citizens such as, “a decent salary and a good education”. Because of the absence of these “simple things” and the severe recession, he left his home. The friendly, 21-year-old Greek came from Athens and has lived in Ireland for three years. During this time, he has been working as a waiter in Corfu. Apart from the weather, living in Ireland was easy for him because he was able to make a few friends, including some from his home country.

If Dimitris had a chance to be in Greece today, he would like to serve his customers one of the most popular dishes: mousakas. This dish consists in layers of aubergine and mince topped with tomato sauce. The likeable waiter compares this dish with politics. “Everybody loves moussakas when they try it, because this is a simple dish.” He adds, “if politicians were more simple like this dish, all Greeks would love them.” The way the country has been ruled, Dimitris does not have high expectation for the future of his nation. He points outs, “It will not be a big deal for many Greeks, all they [politicians] do is promise a good future for us.”

For most of the citizens, Dimitris says, the future in Greece is bleak. Giving a broad smile, he points out, “This new government does not mean anything.”

By Maira DeGois

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