A catch up with The Beer Market

The Beer Market was the first dedicated beer-only bar in Ireland. Up to 90% of the beer on tap is not available anywhere else in Ireland and they pride themselves on that fact.

I caught up with Damian Breslim, from The Beer Market, to find out a little bit more about what they do.

Tell me a little bit about The Beer Market?

“The Beer Market is part of the Galway Bay Brewery Company, and we are one of their nine bars that they have in total.” (Others include Against The Grain on Wexford Street, and The Brew Dock, in the IFSC).

“When we started off here, we had the idea that we would sell all twenty of our craft beers, while rotating the kegs every time one ran out. We didn’t want to do any other drinks, just beer, beer, beer!

“However in the last couple of months, we’ve changed that slightly to suit a range of other people and we’ve since added wine. We used to just sell pies from The Pie Man in Temple Bar too, but now we’re open at 12 for lunch.”

When did you guys open?

“We opened our doors late last April.”

Who drinks in The Beer Market?

“I really couldn’t pinpoint just one demographic that drinks in The Beer Market, it’s a very mixed bag; from students, to professionals, to locals, and after work crowds.”

Do you run any events or theme nights?

“Not at the minute, although we do have tasting nights where people can come in, talk us through how much they’d like to spend, and we guide them through the different beers we have, where they come from, the brewing process etc.

“As I said, we currently stock twenty beers, eight of which are from Galway Bay, while the others include a mixture of Belgian, German, American, English and so on.”

Are there any future plans for The Beer Market?

“Well, we’ve recently opened our kitchen, so that’s pretty much our biggest change. We’ll wait and see how that goes before we make any more plans.”

To find out more about The Beer Market, you can find them on Facebook or you can log onto their website.

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