Luas accidents down in 2015

Luas accidents have decreased this year as Gardaí have targeted drivers breaking red lights. To date in 2015, 14 incidents of Luas trams colliding with cars have been recorded.

Some five collisions between pedestrians and Luas trams also took place. The vast majority of these incidents have been minor with few injuries recorded.

The figures are far lower than those for similar light rail systems in other parts of the world. The main cause of accidents and Luas collisions is vehicles breaking red lights.

The majority of accidents are concentrated in the city centre, where the tram lines are situated closer to traffic and higher numbers of pedestrians.

There is a statistically higher concentration of incidents on the Red line, which runs from Saggart to The Point. The biggest hotspot for accidents is the junction between Benburb Street and Queen Street.

A new initiative began at the junction earlier this year which consisted of the installation of traffic cameras around Blackhall Place which picks out and photographs cars breaking red lights. These photographs are then passed on to Gardaí. This initiative, along with a hugely successful YouTube campaign released last year, has been heralded as the main cause of the decrease.

“The Luas is one of the safest transports systems of its kind, and one of the safest ways to travel, and accidents and road traffic collisions are statistically extremely unlikely,” said Dervla Brophy, Communications Manager for Transdev, the company responsible for the Luas.

Some 32.4 million people used the Luas system in 2014, and Luas operators expect to see an increase to this when the 2015 figures are released.

This along with the hugely successful YouTube campaign released last year has been attributed to the decrease.

There have been four fatal incidents involving the Luas since its launch in 2004.


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