The City’s finest thrift shops

It’s true what they say; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I explored the best vintage and second-hand shops around the city in search of key winter pieces for a fraction of the cost.

It was hip-hop artist Macklemore who catapulted ‘thrifting’ into the pop culture sphere in 2013 with his undoubtedly catchy song ‘Thrift Shop’.

Second-hand shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with the rise and fall of the Celtic Tiger where people were willingly giving up their designer goods for those less fortunate – in other words, us.

Dublin city centre has an abundance of hidden thrift and vintage stores catering for all tastes, shapes, and sizes. The secret is knowing where to go.

Proceed with caution…
Be cautious, especially in charity shops. Most of the clothes are previously owned and unfortunately some shops do not clean or wash the clothes before re-selling. Give it a whiff – you’ll know.

Don’t expect to find vintage Chanel the first time you go thrifting, but if you look hard enough you will be able to spot the expensive labels. We love this real leather duffle bag from the Dublin Vintage Factory.

An absolute steal at €25, the caramel colouring is completely on-trend and would look great against warm burgundy and burnt orange tones.

bag full front

Where do I start…?
Temple Bar is home to a marvelous bounty of second-hand and vintage shops and is a great starting point. From second-hand designer goods in Siopaella to re-worked vintage clothing in Tola Vintage, there is something to suit all shapes, budgets and tastes.

Situated close to Temple Bar, George’s Street is home to a large collection of charity shops that can be found as far up as Rathmines. St. Vincent’s charity shop, next to Pitt Bro’s on Georges Street, has a great vintage section upstairs where you can get re-worked Levi jeans for as little as €15.

Tahiti Vintage Dublin, located in our historic George’s Street Arcade, is a tiny digs filled with vibrant prints and once-off jackets that would bring a relaxed twist to any suit. We love this oversized western-inspired cotton shirt (€18) that would be perfect for casual Friday’s in the office, or after work drinks.

shirt book backdrop

Away from the busy city streets, Rathmines offers a variety of truly unique antique and vintage finds. The 3rd Policeman offers exceptional accessories- from period gold cuff links and Victorian silk scarfs, to brand new leather satchels. Cuff links are an essential buy for those who have an eye for detail. We love these yellow-gold 1980’s cuff links, which range in price from €15-€25.

MFI cufflinks

St Vincent’s charity shop on Aungier Street always stocks designer clothing and accessories, as does the St. Vincent De Paul warehouse in Malahide. To help you on your thrifting journey, below is a list of some of our favourite thrift shops around Dublin, and what you can expect to find in them:

  1. Tola Vintage – 4 Upper Fownes St Basement, Temple Bar: re-worked denim, and lots of Fred Perry.
  2. Kitten Doll & B – Thomas Street: excellent shop for vintage jackets.
  3. Dublin Vintage Factory– South William Street: glamourous silk shirts and retro sports jackets.
  4. Harlequin – 13 Castle Market, Dublin 2: a perfect spot for the gentleman with plenty of hats, braces and structured suits in need of good homes.
  5. The 3rd Policeman – 121 Lower Rathmines Road: accessory goldmine of cuff links, braces, scarves, bags and hats.
  6. Vincent’s Warehouse– Malahide Road: a bit of everything with some designer labels thrown in.
  7. Siopaella– 25 Temple Lane south, Temple Bar: unwanted designer treasures at a fraction of their original retail price.
  8. 9 Crow Street– Ormond Quay: festival and holiday attire. They also offer a superb tailoring service.
  9. Tahiti Vintage Dublin– Georges Street Arcade: eye-catching prints and band tees.
  10. Age Action Ireland –Camden Street: specialising in three-piece suits and overcoats, they’re perfect for the winter season.

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