What will Ireland be like in 10 years?

A survey has revealed what Irish workers and job seekers believe working in Ireland will be like ten years from now.

The survey, which was conducted by IrishJobs.ie, gauged the views of over 2,500 Irish workers and found that 71pc are optimistic for the future, saying the economy will be better in 2025.

According to the survey, 40pc of people believed that they would not be working in the same industry in ten years time.

The survey shows 57pc believe Dublin city centre will be a car free zone. While two in five believe that we will be working less hours, and 85pc believed that working from home will be a more common practice.

Interestingly, 46pc of people surveyed believe that they will be working in a job that currently doesn’t even exist, and Orla Moran of IrishJobs.ie spoke on that fact saying, “What really shines through is that change and adaptability are now part and parcel of modern Irish working life with over 40pc telling us they won’t be in the same industry in 10 years time and almost half of respondents telling us they could be doing a job in 2025 that doesn’t currently exist.”

The survey, which was conducted to mark the company’s 20th year in business, served as a follow up to their 2005 survey which showed that a majority believed that Ireland would continue on a path of economic growth (55pc) and four out of five expected that their career patch would change over the next decade.

Approximately 70pc predicted that Irish roads would still be over-flowing with traffic in 2015 and 55pc said that Sinn Féin would be in government.

With most of us now getting our news from online sources, will we still be able to buy a hard copy newspaper in 2025? Yes is the answer, with 65pc certain that this will be the case.

Other findings from the survey say that 24pc claim that they will be replaced by a robot in ten years, Paul O’Connell will be president, and Galway will have the highest quality of life in Ireland.

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