Interview of Interest: Leah Kelly

By Kieva McLaughlin

Leah Kelly, a 20 year old up-and-coming singer from BIMM music college in Dublin, sat down with The City’s Kieva McLaughlin to discuss where she is now with her music and to tell us her plans for the future.

Leah is currently the lead singer in the band ‘BASQ’ along with guitarist Enda Cahill, bass player Conor King, Jake Richardson on keys, and Colin Lyons on drums.

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Leah has millions of views on YouTube from her days singing with well known Irish singer ‘The Eden Project’, but is now focusing on finishing writing her newest album with her band ‘BASQ’.

“We play all our own originals, we have written six songs for this album that we are happy with, but we want two or three more before it will be ready. We sing R&B, soul, funky kind of music,” Leah revealed.

Leah and Enda write the music and lyrics before bringing it to the rest of the band to see what they can all do with it.

“It is taking [longer] than we would like because we are all so particular. We took a break for the summer, and when we came back we even started changing one of the first songs we finished because we were hearing it with new ears. We just want everything to be perfect before we start recording it. We are hoping it will be ready in November,” Leah told us.

Leah became interested in music at a young age through her Dad, but was always really nervous about singing in front of people. “I would have to sing in school in front of my class, but I really didn’t like it up until I took part in a fourth year school musical. For some reason once I was on stage I wasn’t nervous anymore, it felt different somehow,” she said.

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Leah explained how she met ‘EDEN’, formerly known as the ‘The Eden Project’, and how they started singing together. “I was singing in a play in school that Eden was a part of. He was in a band outside of school and asked me to play a few gigs with them so that is how we made friends,” Leah explained.

“After that he asked me to record a few songs with him, it was more for fun than anything else, he had a little recording studio in his room so I just went to his house to do it, it was all very casual at the time,” Leah recalled. Eden went on to gather a huge fan base and Leah began to notice her popularity spiralling as well.

“Our videos hits just kept going up and up on YouTube – it was so surreal to think [that] millions of people were listening to me sing. Even just my name being on the songs is making a big difference to my career,” Leah said.

“A lot of people send me songs asking me to sing on them, I just need to figure out which is right for me. One guy even sent me a whole album of tracks without vocals on them and told me I could choose any song to sing on, it started to get a bit messy with his label though so I said I would just leave it.”

It is not only musicians messaging Leah but fans as well. “I really love it; I always make sure to reply to everyone. Some people would just be like ‘I love you Leah’ but other people comment the most bizarre things under my photos. I remember one time I put up a photo of me and my friend (who is a guy) on Instagram and a girl just commented in big block capitals ‘YOU BITCH, EDEN FOLLOWS YOU’. I just have to laugh at that kind of thing.”

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Leah isn’t sure if she would ever go solo yet because she is really enjoying being a part of her band ‘BASQ’. “They are all so good individually, and I play piano but I don’t play guitar, so I feel I need someone playing with me. As well as that Enda, the guitar player, and I are very good at writing music together, so we just work.”

Leah not surprisingly finds her inspiration from singers such as Mary J Blige and Beyonce. “I am just really into all strong female singers like Tory Kelly,” she said.



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