Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour Wows Dublin

Kieva McLaughlin gives her view on Justin Bieber’s latest Irish shows.

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By Kieva McLaughlin

Justin Bieber brought his Purpose World Tour to the 3 Arena on the 1st and 2nd of November.  It was his first time touring since 2012-2013 with his Believe Tour.  Both dates sold out within minutes with overwhelming demand from fans across Ireland.

Source – Wikimedia

The tour has previously made headlines when the ‘What Do You Mean’ singer was perceived as being bratty and stroppy.  During his Manchester gig he stormed off stage after his fans wouldn’t stop screaming while he was talking.

Justin began his Dublin concert while donning an Irish flag on the front of his t-shirt, with ‘Dublin’ written on the back.  He appeared in a glass box with a very energetic, heavily choreographed ‘Where Are U Now’.

Over the course of the concert Justin began to lose some energy, which can be forgiven because of his elaborate dances that would be sure to take it out of anyone.  Justin’s back up dancers were superb and gave it their all throughout the whole show.  Lasers, lights, and pyrotechnics accompanied almost every song.

Justin showcased his natural ability to sing when he took to stage, with just himself a couch and a guitar.  He sat down with the effects stripped back and played ‘Cold Water’ and ‘Love Yourself’. The 22- year old singer was apparently eager to show off his instrumental skills, and later in the show he played a surprisingly good solo on the drums.

Source – Wikipedia

Justin began most of his songs with a quick-witted intro. For his song ‘Company’, the singer began by telling his fans, “Imagine being on the road for a year, away from friends, away from family.” He then thanked his fans for being there to keep him company through it all, during this, a platform trampoline came out of nowhere and hung from the ceiling.  Justin and his dancers ran up the stairs to it to start the song.

A standout song on the night was ‘Children.’ A competition had previously been run to find skilled Irish child dancers to take part.  They absolutely nailed it and after the song they were all smitten, as Justin addressed them all individually.

Justin closed his show with the highlight of the night, “Sorry.” A long black blow up was put on stage and the Canadian singer and his dancers performed while rain lashed down on them.  Everybody left the concert feeling elated and wanting more.

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