Five Christmas jumpers to get you ready for festive season

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I know what you’re thinking; it’s way too early to be thinking about buying Christmas jumpers. But think about it, the good ones are always gone when you leave it too late!

So at, we’ve put together our top five favourite Christmas jumpers for the festive season!

Sweater 1First up is this red ‘Ho Ho Ho’ knitted red jumper with sequence from H&M. There’s nothing quite like a red jumper at Christmas and the contrast of the knit with the sequence is gorgeous!

Price: €14.99

Sweater 2This one from looks so soft. It’s made out of super soft eyelash yarn with a sewn-on sequin motif which makes a reindeer!

Price: €20.95

Sweater 3

This forest green sweater is super festive, and the Home Alone reference just makes you want to grab a hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie! If green isn’t your colour it is also available in white, grey, red and black.

Price: €20

Sweater 4

Here we have another H&M sweater and the print is so cute. If you’re a cat lover you’ll love this cat with lights around him and caption ‘Meowy Xmas’. H&M has a great selection of Christmas jumpers at really affordable prices.

Price: €14.99

Sweater 5

The last jumper is from It’s a sequence ‘Elfie’ jumper, perfect for anyone who loves taking selfies!

Price: €35


By Nicole McNelis

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