BusConnects: “environment and traffic proof”

Dublin City Council has been working hard this year to ensure that BusConnects is “environment and traffic proof.” 

Labour Party Councillor Marie Sherlock said the original BusConnects plans “didn’t take in all the environmental concerns.” In 2014, areas like Phibsborough had “50,000 cars go through Doyle’s Corner” creating the need for radical changes to the infrastructure of Dublin city.

“BusConnects is not radical enough with deterring cars and promoting pedestrian and cycle access,” Cllr Sherlock said.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has designed a new Public Realm Improvement scheme for Phibsborough Village. It aims to encourage higher pedestrian usage by widening the footpath and adding pedestrian crossing.

The NTA hopes a new Royal Canal CycleWay will help reduce traffic congestion along the canal. Cllr. Sherlock has welcomed this idea: “It will at least provide a safe cycle route for cyclists through an area that’s incredibly congested.”

The initial BusConnects plans laid out by the NTA would have removed trees along Mobhi Road to implement bus lanes and cycle lanes. However, this led to an outcry among locals. The NTA is now exploring alternative options that would keep the trees.

Cllr. Sherlock said: “Thankfully the NTA have agreed to change their plans now and are looking at a very different type of proposal for the area. They’re going with a variation of one of their original proposals, which is to keep the trees but close the road to cars for some time.”

Breakingnews.ie reported that Dubliner’s would have their say on the latest plan for the redesign of BusConnects after concerns from thousands of people. The consultation period closed on 10 December, but concerns remain over the impact that bus corridors will have on local communities and businesses.

Eileen Walsh, a Sales assistant at ACME Blinds in Terenure said: “I don’t think people will be hopping on and off buses to come into businesses.”

Joe Cripps is another local business person who fears that BusConnects will affect the local community: “As a kid’s shoe business, a lot of people will drive here cause they’ve got small children. 

“Customers could be coming from the other side of the city, out in Kildare, wherever. They’ll come in the M50, and they’ll come down from Tallaght, Templeogue. So with the bus corridor there, it is going to make it more restrictive to get into the village.”

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