Watch: A Great Future? Ireland’s Newspapers 2020 and Beyond

The Irish Times print facility. Photo: Ruadhan Jones

Irish newspapers have a great history, but 2019 was a shock year for the industry, with mass redundancies and shrinking sales. So what does the future look like?’s Paul Caffrey, Kim O’Leary, and Ruadhan Jones went behind the scenes at The Irish Times print facility to assess the state of the industry

For anyone working in newspapers, 2019 was one shock after another. The crisis was a long time coming. Sales and readership figures of printed papers have been in steady decline since 2007 as digital options have developed more and more.

Many seasoned print journalists feel the rise of internet-enabled smartphones since the early 2010s have done the most damage to the profits of printed publications.

In the second half of 2018, sales of daily national papers in Ireland plummeted by 10%; the Sunday market fell by 9%. And 2019 was the year of mass redundancies in Ireland’s newsrooms.

We asked Campbell Spray, motoring editor and former executive editor of the Sunday Independent, and Fran Walsh, circulation director at The Irish Times, to give us the inside story.

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