Pups on the pier

With a high of 13 degrees celsius, Monday, 15 February 2021 marked one of the of the warmest days of the winter this year. Like many South Dublin natives, I strolled the East Pier in Dún Laoghaire to enjoy this rare moment of warm weather and sunny skies. Here are some of the furry friends that I met on my journey.

“She’s almost a year old now, we’re lucky to have had the lockdown to train her”
“While you’re at it, make sure you tell the owner’s to pick up their pet’s crap too”
“She’s the model of the family”
Smiley Cosmo abiding by social distancing measures
“It’s hard for him to see all the action from so low down, so he loves when I let him stand on the benches”
Cone of no shame
“They’re just a bit camera shy”
“Bonnie isn’t one for walking”
“My record is thirteen dogs at once”
“We asked Lulu to sit, but she didn’t get the memo”
Major, the Siberian Husky
“It might be hard to capture them, since they never sit still”
“Don’t forget to make her the star of the piece”
Seeing triple with half siblings Woody, Buzz and Kenny.
Young puppy, Milo on high alert for birds

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