Heidi N’ Closet comes to Dublin!

By Julia Brennan

Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 12 superstar Heidi N’Closet arrives in Dublin as part of her UK and Ireland tour

Heidi N’Closet posing during her show at the Radisson BluBy Julia Brennan

On October 8th, popular RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 contestant Heidi N’ Closet appeared on stage live in the Radisson Blu Hotel as part of her UK and Ireland tour. 

Accompanying the American drag superstar were well-known Irish drag acts Victoria Secret, Regina George, Paul Ryder, and Pixie Woo. They are all regular performers at the George Bar on George’s Street.

Victoria Secret hosted the long-awaited event with her trusty gal pal gang in tow, armed with avocado props, shiny leotards, and the tallest high heels that even I wouldn’t dare to wear on a night out!

Irish drag star host Victoria Secret performing her routine at the Radisson BluJulia Brennan

The show had been originally scheduled for October of 2020 in the George Bar, Central Dublin but was cancelled and pushed back due to the strict coronavirus restrictions at the time.

The shows were not only scheduled to be performed here in Dublin but also in Cardiff, Birmingham, Belfast, Manchester, London, and many other locations across the UK and Ireland.

After a whole year of waiting passed for fans, the glamourous and much anticipated event was finally able to go ahead and those attending were able to celebrate the wonderful, bright and eccentric drag artists set to perform.

The evening was comprised of two separate one and half hour shows, each as brilliantly comical and colourful as the other, with drag fans imploding the function room with cheers of explosive applause.

The night kicked off with all four Irish drag artists strutting their way to the main stage to the much-loved Euro-disco anthem “Rasputin” by Boney M. The audience could tell just by their stage poses that these drag queens certainly did not forget to show everyone who wore the crowns in the room.

Left to right: Pixie Woo, Paul Ryder, Victoria Secret and Regina George, performing to RasputinBy Julia Brennan

After a warm welcome from the stunningly dragged up entertainment, the main event slowly unfurled as Heidi N’Closet dramatically entered the room. In the illuminating yet blinding spotlight she was dressed to the nines; sporting a multicoloured feathery two piece with thigh high boots, ready to deliver the drag experience of a lifetime, including multiple demonstrations of the timeless drag splits move ‘The Death Drop’ in all her routines.

Music varied marvellously from Paul Ryder singing Donna Summers’ “Hot Stuff” to the stars dancing to Beyonce’s “Partition” and Ariana Grande’s “Into You” reaching all the way to Celine Dion’s famous “All by Myself” track with a broken-hearted Pixie Woo pouring champagne into the mouths of unsuspecting fans in the aisle seats. 

In between routine chats gave the audience a chance to get to know Heidi and her apparent love for Ireland with Victoria Secret confirming that Heidi was in fact taking a short-term holiday here after the completion of the Dublin shows on October 8th.

Having come all the way from America, it was only fair that the audience taught Heidi some phrases in Gaeilge. Victoria Secret leading the impromptu Irish language refresher’s class, passed the microphone from row to row to teach simple Irish phrases to the North Carolina native. 

After a few pauses and confused eye darts, Heidi was off to a grand start, until near the end when she mistook me saying “Mas é do thoille” meaning please in Irish, for “mashed potatoes”.

Despite the stern conference room like setting of the Radisson Blu function area, the performers made the space their own with fabulous costumes, wigs, and more importantly their unmistakable lip-syncing talents.

Heidi N’Closet took to Instagram following the end of her tour stating that she had an amazing time in the UK and Ireland.

 “Can’t wait to be back in April and possibly July next year but until then be sure to mind the GAP!!!!”.

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